Oh . . So with XHP you never lose your unused extras?

Yes, that is right. Never lose your unused funds ever with XHP.

OMG, that is so cool, so my funds for my use. 

Why not, it is your money after all.

You put in all the effort of being healthy.
So why should you give it all away? 
You never know when you may need the funds.

Start Accumulating instead

The only thing we do at XHP is extras health cover. 

So let's talk about the elephant in the room. 
                                                                         Extras Health Insurance

Are you using all of your extras cover every year ? 
The majority do not use their extras due to additional "GAP" payments over and above the premium
Add to that annual premium hikes every year above the CPI. 
With no increase in the rebates being paid out. 

Over the past five years from June 2016 to June 2020, the average gap expense for hospital treatment decreased by 3.9%, and increase by 7.4% for extras treatments

Let us be very clear about this. It is not your fault.
Because it is out of your hands or control. 
They have even got the Government by its horn who yields to premium rises every year. 

But this has changed forever for those who want better.

Here is how?  
XHP - The alternative to extras health insurance cover. 


Never let your hard-earned money go to waste on unused extra's health insurance benefits.
Why not accumulate your money?

Recycle your unused extras funds every year.

All your unused funds accumulate for your future needs. Over time it could mean reducing or even eliminating "GAP" payments

Earn Interest on your funds

Unlike your regular payments that do not earn you anything. With XHP your funds earn interest at wholesale rates. Your funds are put to work with XHP

Affordable Extras Cover

From just $5 per day, you could well and truly set yourself to have funds for all your extras health needs and more. That is just a cup of coffee.

Capped rates with health providers

No more bill shocks!
With XHP health providers, the fees are capped giving you peace of mind. That's anywhere in Australia.

100% control

You retain full control of your funds. No more worries about change of policies or pre existing conditions. 
Your Money | Your Savings | Your Choice

Security of your funds

Your funds are held safe by a "Custodian". Their job is to protect your funds and verify your instructions before releasing funds from your account.
Do better with XHP for your extras health needs
This is a screenshot of the financial dashboard of a XHP member.

Available Now:      $12625 for any extras or health needs before there is a GAP
Rollover Balance: $15039 the amount that was saved and carried over to next financial year
XHP is a managed investment scheme operating under a license from ASIC, where the scheme is operated to provide a dedicated health savings account for members so that their funds are managed with the lowest risk possible. So the funds are held by a custodian and invested only is wholesale interest offering.

Here is what our members have to say.

B Abraham

Mother and Homemaker
In the 32 months with XHP, we as a family have more to show than the 15 years with extras health insurance. I had two crows costing $3200 done with $0 in gap with XHP. 

R Whitfield

Enjoying comforts in retirement means making every dollar count. With XHP all our unused funds accumulate. I have been able to use my funds to pay hospital gap payments

N Bate

Working and Saving
Saving is not exactly my strong suit, especially when living in magical Queensland. We love the outdoors and it suddenly adds up. Being with XHP for me means that the money is accumulating for my families needs. 
© Copyright 2021 - XHP - All Rights Reserved
Xtras Health Savings Scheme is not a health insurance policy. It is a managed investment scheme that offers a dedicated health savings account for funds that you may need for your extras cover.
Funds in the scheme are not eligible for any tax concessions. It only applies to hospital cover. Funds in the scheme can supplement your private health insurance.
You must consider your personal circumstances for your extra’s health needs. There is a risk that there may be insufficient funds in your account to meet the cost of your extra’s health needs

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