Risk with investment platforms or even DIY investments are high and often demanding on the investor. The returns are not always guaranteed. What if it works against you? You will be left with nothing. Then what, if you have an extras health need – put up with the pain or get into more and more debt.

You can break the cycle and take control with XHP with minimal risk.

Investment platforms often advertise higher rates of returns, this is not guaranteed either and add to that the costs associated with investment platforms. For some people the returns may be eroded by fees and charges. Most investment platforms have a lock in period of investments where in you may not have access to your money

Private Health Insurance Extras Cover (PHIe)

Investment Platform-Conditions Apply

Investment platforms offer a wide range of returns for investors along with the risks associated with the such investments, which can fluctuate. If you are not a sophisticated investor, you may rely on a broker or a financial adviser. There may be fees and charges that apply, and the funds could also be locked in for a period of time. Investment platform whilst attractive is not specific in terms of what the funds can be used for. As clearly the objective here is for general growth of funds and not for health.

What if the funds you set aside are lost or diminished in a financial meltdown. For example, what if your funds suffered losses like in the GFC when the ASX fell by 54% over 16 months.


Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme (XHP)

Investment Platform-Conditions Apply

XHP is a health specific platform where the objective of the Scheme is to help you accumulate money in a low risk environment for your health needs. The funds are held in cash or cash deposits that return an interest which is paid to you in full and added to your account balance.

Significant Risk associated with your funds with XHP are

  1. Interest rate fluctuations offered by banks
  2. Collapse of the Bank where funds are held
  3. That you may not have enough funds held with XHP to cover required extras treatment at any given time. If this is the case, then you will be required to meet any difference between the cost of treatment and the funds held with XHP resulting in a GAP to pay.

Whilst the interest rates vary. The risk associated with Australian banks folding up is minimal as the banks are well regulated


XHP investments are cash deposits that are low risk and not subject to market volatility

Information provided is General Information only. Your personal circumstances have not been considered and does not constitute financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Information used here is based on assumptions as above and as having occurred in the past, is not a future forecast. Account balance calculation is based on no spend for health with either PHI or XHP. The return for health insurance assumes no claim on a health insurance policy over the relevant period. No value has been attributed to holding a health insurance policy in the relevant period however it may be desirable to hold health insurance based on your personal circumstances.