Shouldn't you have the freedom and the ability to decide how to use your own money, We think you should be able to at XHP

Being able to afford the care that a person needs without being stressed out about finances and how to arrange things to be paid off is not just important to the person recovering but also for those who are near and dear.

At XHP we think you should be able to use your own money that you have accumulated over time to pay for expenses such as hospital gap and your medicines

Private Health Insurance Extras Cover (PHIe)

Limited to Extras only

With Private Health extras cover, it is limited to extras cover only and cannot be used to pay for your pharmaceuticals unless you pay more for pharmacy cover as part of your extras cover. How about paying the gap at your GP visit and you can be absolutely sure it can’t be used to pay your hospital gap.

Ex CEO Shaun Gath told News Corp Australia extras cover was an “irrational” purchase for most people because the premium paid was more than the benefits derived 1.


Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme (XHP)

Limited to Extras only

Let us make it an outdated practice by putting limits on what you can use your own money for

Use your own money in your account as you have the need for. The only restriction being it must be for health. The funds in your account can be used to pay hospital gaps, medicines and even cover the gap of your GP visit. As long as it is related to your health needs, its all cool at XHP. You will need to upload the health invoice for verification before funds are paid out.

Rules that apply with regards to your funds are

  1. Health provider must be registered in Australia and current with AHPRA
  2. Health business is an Australian Business and has a valid ABN
  3. Invoice for treatment must be submitted for verification

Funds are only paid to a bank in Australia


Use your money with XHP to pay hospital gaps, GP visits and more

Information provided is General Information only. Your personal circumstances have not been considered and does not constitute financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Information used here is based on assumptions as above and as having occurred in the past, is not a future forecast. Account balance calculation is based on no spend for health with either PHI or XHP. The return for health insurance assumes no claim on a health insurance policy over the relevant period. No value has been attributed to holding a health insurance policy in the relevant period however it may be desirable to hold health insurance based on your personal circumstances.