The cost of dental care may be a barrier to regular dental attendance with the proportion of the Australian population avoiding or delaying care due to cost increasing since 1994, this despite the fact that private health extras cover insurance has been. Data from APRA1 for the quarter ending June 2018, shows that individual paid an average of 45% gap over and above the contributions paid to private health insurance companies for extras insurance cover. Australian Dental Associations Oral Health Tracker, shows that costs associated with dental care being the top most of the list of reasons why Australians have avoided the dentist. The other reasons being fear of the needle, chair and pain. That said, a good number of people with extras cover do not use their cover according to This is where XHP comes to the rescue. All unused funds accumulate for the member and over time has the potential to create a nest egg to pay for health needs that they need potentially addressing the biggest reason people have avoided dental visit as suggested by ADA. Dental disease is mostly preventable and regular visits to the dentist also has the potential to keeps costs under control as things could be nipped in the bud before getting to big and painful. XHP put you front and centre in decisions you make about your health needs. So if you need more this year for your dental health you may not have out of pocket expenses as you most likely would have accumulated the funds over time. private-health-insurance-statistical-trends