Is Extras Health Cover worth it?

Extras Cover
Dental, Optical, Physiotherapy and other allied health services are not covered by Medicare Australia as these services are generally provided in a non hospital setting. Ancillary health services are commonly referred to Extras Health Cover and is also know as General Treatment Cover. 

Historically there were two ways to cover your Extras Health Needs. The first being paying yourself and the second method was buying a health insurance product. 

According to AIHW, At June 2019, 11.2 million Australians (44% of the population) had some form of private patient hospital cover, and 13.6 million (53%) had some form of general treatment cover (APRA 2019).

Data from the regulator Extras health cover a wide range of out-of-hospital healthcare services and products that aren’t covered by Medicare. Some extras commonly found on policies include dental, optical, podiatry, psychology and physiotherapy.

Depending on your policy, you may also be covered for natural therapies like acupuncture and remedial massage..

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