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Give the gift of health with XHP – NOW YOU CAN!!

You know deep within you how good it feels when you give.

Anyone who has given time, money or other resources probably already knows this from experience of how the inner self expands and happiness prevails.

Sharing and caring is what has made the world go around for years. Being able to share a gift of health can make a difference for someone you care about

Scientific evidence of giving has shown a lot of health and wellness benefits for the giver, for the recipient it could be the most welcome relief from suffering and torment.

Evidence of benefit to body mind and soul is well documented in the act of giving. Think back to the recent natural calamities when people pull together to help those affected.

How about if you can help out a sibling, a friend or even a neighbour. Well you can with XHP. You can send a gift of health to anyone you care about. They can use the funds to pay for the much-needed health service at a preferred health partner.

Your small gift of health could mean the world of difference for the recipient of your gift and what’s more it they don’t use it. You don’t lose it all. You get 80% of your gift amount returned to you.

Now that is an X factor don’t you think?

Give the gift of health to someone you care about.

Information provided is General Information only. Your personal circumstances have not been considered and does not constitute financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Information used here is based on assumptions as above and as having occurred in the past, is not a future forecast. Account balance calculation is based on no spend for health with either PHI or XHP. The return for health insurance assumes no claim on a health insurance policy over the relevant period. No value has been attributed to holding a health insurance policy in the relevant period however it may be desirable to hold health insurance based on your personal circumstances.

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Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme (Xtras) is not an insurance policy and you should consider your personal circumstances before deciding whether to open an account. Funds deposited to an account will not be eligible for a private health insurance rebate. Xtras may be considered as a replacement for or to act supplementary to private health insurance depending on your personal circumstances. Xtras Health Plan Ltd does not warrant that Xtras is suitable for your personal circumstances and you should consider your health and financial needs before deciding whether to open an account. There is a risk that you may have insufficient funds in your account to meet the costs of health treatment depending on the treatment required and amount deposited to your account.