Never let your hard-earned money go to waste on unused extra's health insurance benefits.

A lot of people waste good money on health insurance they do not use or understand. Extra's health cover insurance is poorly understood and often what one pays to get the cover is more than what is paid back in rebates.

Compare XHP with traditional Extras Cover. 




Accumulate unused funds every year

Earn interest on the funds contributed

Give a gift of health to anyone you care about

Withdraw funds when needed, e.g. cover your pet.

Balance refund if cancelling your membership

Use funds for non-extras health needs

No limits or controls on how you use your funds.

Use the calculators below to compare the difference between XHP and Extras Cover to inform yourself.
I want the benefits

Australian Owned and Operated
Designed ground up by consumers and health professionals for a better extras cover.

XHP members enable their health and finances

Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme (Xtras) is not an insurance policy, and you should consider your personal circumstances before deciding whether to open an account. Funds deposited to an account will not be eligible for a private health insurance rebate. Xtras may be considered as a replacement for or to act supplementary to private health insurance depending on your personal circumstances. Xtras Health Plan Ltd does not warrant that Xtras is suitable for your personal circumstances, and you should consider your health and financial needs before deciding whether to open an account. There is a risk that you may have insufficient funds in your account to meet the costs of health treatment depending on the treatment required and the amount deposited to your account.
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