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Premiums Going up

Annually on the 1st of April, health fund premiums increase for anyone who has such a cover. Premium rises have in the past been above CPI and has done so for years and year. Resulting in people dropping out of private health cover. In response, the Government has put caps on increases.

To learn more about premium rises visit The increase has to be approved by the Government of the day.

Corona Virus Pandemic has seen some companies differ rises and some cancel the increases for the year.

With the pandemic, not many services were available and elective procedures were cancelled. Resulting in health funds paying out less as evidenced in APRA quarterly report.

XHP allows you to be the decision-maker when it comes to increasing your contributions. The only condition imposed by XHP is that the minimum amount is $5 per day.

This flexibility allows you to adapt to your lifestyle needs. Do yourself a favour, if you would like to save money join XHP



With XHP as your unused money, rolls over each year you will build a nest egg over time to cover most of your extras health needs.

How much did your premiums increase by. The rate of increase varies between the various insurnace providers.

In Betty’s case she has combined hospital and extras cover, she received a letter to say her premiums were going up $7.14 per week or $371.28 for the year. Her family missed out on twice a year dental visit due to the pandemic restrictions and will never see the daylight of those lost funds of the visit.

What if the premium increases of the extras cover was paid into to XHP account.

She would not lose her money there by getting better value out of her investments for her families extras health cover and a reduction of financial presssure on her families budget.

For better value Extras cover that is not only Covid proof

Sing up and Save → button → link to

However, you must consider that some health funds extras cover may change their offering or limits, in which case you may be better off with private health insurance extras cover. It would be in their offer document.

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