Benefits | Extras Cover

Do you get these Benefits with your extras cover?


If you are looking for an alternative that keeps costs down at the same time enables your extra’s health needs. –  You have arrived

Check these 10 benefits that add value to your investments. No gimmicks !!

Use IT or Keep IT

Are you getting the most out of your Extras Cover ?
Rollover unused funds and save for extras needs.

Manage your “GAP”

Are the “GAP” payments eroding the value of your cover ?
“GAP” determined by account balance

Premiums going up.

Premiums going up annually and no increase in value.
Flexible with lifestyle needs

Limits and more limits

Annual limits, combined limits, lifetime limits. 
How about your account balance be your limit

Complex Rules

What about just 3 simple rules
Australian health providers, Service in Australia and payments within Australia

Be in Control 

Like to be in control of your financial decision and your health
You are in total control with XHP

Gift of Health 

Don’t be limited to what you can do for someone in need
Gift health to anyone you care from your funds

Don’t lose it all

100% loss of funds if you cancel with extras health insurance
How about a 80% refund, if you cancel

No cover with Suspension

Financial hardship and no cover with suspension
Access funds and benefits even if you suspend your account.

Bear Market Risks

Uncertainty, with investments doing the “Yo Yo” 
Don’t risk your hard earned money. At XHP, we are risk averse.

Simple Facts about Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme.

Facts about XHP that you need to be aware of.

  1. Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme is not suitable for Hospital Cover. It is a replacement for extras health cover only. 
  2. Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme is not an insurance policy. It is a dedicated Health Savings Account.
  3. Your account balance determines the funds you have for your extras health needs.
  4. Use the funds for extras health needs, hospital gaps, GP visit gap, diagnostic and medication that you need.
  5. Unused balance rolls over every year.

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Xtras Health Plan Ltd – AFSL500574
Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme – ARSN 627076411
Xtras Health Plan Ltd – ACN 618020885

Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme (Xtras) is not an insurance policy and you should consider your personal circumstances before deciding whether to open an account. Funds deposited to an account will not be eligible for a private health insurance rebate. Xtras may be considered as a replacement for or to act supplementary to private health insurance depending on your personal circumstances. Xtras Health Plan Ltd does not warrant that Xtras is suitable for your personal circumstances and you should consider your health and financial needs before deciding whether to open an account. There is a risk that you may have insufficient funds in your account to meet the costs of health treatment depending on the treatment required and amount deposited to your account.