About us

Why does XHP exist?

Our Core belief is that health care should be affordable. 
To achieve this, we offer a managed investment scheme licensed by ASIC, where the funds are held for a dedicated purpose. The dedicated purpose being health needs.

To Enable Health

Extras health cover is the most used health cover. By default, every Australian has hospital cover funded by Medicare Australia. The same cannot be said about extras health cover. 52% of Australians or slightly over 13.8 million Australians have extras health insurance, yet some of them are not able to afford the care they need.

Rural Australia, does not have the density of health providers or access to cutting edge advanced health care that is available in metro Australia. Yet people in regional and rural Australia pay exactly the same amount as their metro counterparts putting them at a disadvantage. Regional Australia is better served in that regard although not the same as metro Australia

Affordable Extras Health Cover

Affordability is the main issue a lot of people struggle with. When it comes to health outcomes people often compromise and do not necessarily do what is best for them. Over time this results in poor outcomes and an inferior quality of life.

Imagine not being able to chew your food, or putting up with poor sight for affordablilty reasons.

At XHP, we aim to make extras health care affordable. This we do by rolling over unusued balances every year. Thus enabling out members to accumulate funds for future health needs.

Alternative Way to fund extras cover

Traditional health funds and BNPL products such as After Pay, Humm, Zip Pay have been around for years now. Neither of them have solved the problem of the increasing health needs without getting people further and further into debt. Thus adding to the affordability crisis.

With health funds, annual premiums increase above CPI, whilst the rebates don’t increase.

BNPL products have increased access for those who don’t have extras health insurance for sure, but in the process has created unintended consequences in that some of their customers are getting further and further into debt.

XHP is the difference, where funds accumulate overtime for health needs. Major extras cover is not an everyday need. Such expenses can be planned and budgeted for. XHP provides the ability to budget and plan.

Better Australia

If the pandemic has a lesson in it. It showed the levels of financial stress people very quickly find themselves, which leads to personal health and societal issues such as domestic violence.

Mental health issues have wide-ranging consequences on the social fabric of Australia. At the height of the pandemic, even those who had extras health cover found that they only had limited access.

The Government recognising the issue and had additional funding.

Funds in XHP can be used for any health use or directed to any particular member or even a person that you would like to help with a gift of health.

Going beyond better value and use of your funds over time, your funds are not lost in the event of your death either. 80% of your account balance is paid back to your estate.

Who is XHP?

XHP is a registered unlisted public company in the health financial space. At XHP we challenge the status quo in extras health care, as we believe there is a smarter and a better way to fund your extra health needs, at the same time reducing debts owed due to extra’s health needs.

The financial service offered by XHP is a managed investment scheme. It is a dedicated health financial platform and is the first of its kind in Australia. Operating under its own financial services license. Operations of the scheme commenced in 2018 and a custom platform has been created.

The platform is designed to be online and transactions with preferred providers are seamless. Payment processing is cardless and operates from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Our Team


Dr. Abraham Zacharia


As a Dentist of 30 year experience, he has first hand experience of the issues faced by those who have extras health insurance, those who have not and the new rage “Buy Now Pay Later” products.


Peter Goerg

Compliance is in his blood, dotting the “i” and crossing the “t” is second nature to him. He brings 45+ year of compliance experience to XHP and manages compliance of XHP with the Scheme.

Vik Dhawan


The numbers man at XHP, keeping on top of everything related to accounting and finance at XHP, whilst providing insights in operational costs.

Paul Kellahan

ASIC approved External Responsible Manager who ensures XHP is compliant with ASIC requirements and AFSL granted for XHP

Carmela Chong


Independent Auditor ensuring audit of the both the Scheme and the Responsible Entity as required by ASIC

Jaihui Thum

Compliance Audit of the Scheme and Operational Audit to ensure the compliance of the Scheme with ASIC requirements

Our Vision and Mission


“To create a compelling alternative in the way health care is funded, by enabling XHP members to save their unused funds for future health needs.”

  • An affordable way to fund health care needs.
  • Enable technology to deliver care.
  • Embrace quality of life outcome.


To build leading member and health provider-centric businesses enabled by technology, whilst maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and uncompromising values.

  • Transparency in Operations.
  • Integrity in every transaction.
  • Care about our members, health partners and society at large
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