Partner FAQ

Preferred partner is a registered health business unit, that offers a health service to members of public and is based in Australia. The following criteria must be met to be considered a Preferred Partner of Xtras Health Plan Ltd

  • Registered and has a ABN
  • Located in Australia
  • Bank accounts for financial transactions is with an Australian Bank

Preferred Provider is a health practitioner registered with XHP holding  AHPRA registration to provide a designated health service that the practitioner is registered and licensed to practice in Australia. 

To be accepted as a preferred partner you must be registered with AHPRA, to provide the health service. 

Members can only use the funds in their account to pay for health services with health business units located in Australia. Xtras Health Plan conducts various level checks before an invoice of a member is paid. ABN check is one of them. So if you do not have an ABN, the invoice will not be processed.

Each location must be registered as a Preferred Partner and must have its own address that can be verified and have its own ABN. Communication address may be common.

To minimise confusion and concerns, it is recommended that all practitioners are registered as preferred providers. Not all practitioners need to be registered. Only those practitioners who are registered with Xtras Health Plan will be available for our members to book appointments.

If a previously registered preferred health provider, opts out of being a preferred health provider, the access to platform will be terminated and XHP may at its discretion notify members of the health providers changed status

Just as you, seek to understand costs of a service. Members of XHP, seek clarity about cost of healthcare to enable them to make informed decisions and choose treatment appropriately. Lack of informed financial consent is one of the leading root causes of complaints, rejection of optimal treatment and low value of health service. Being informed will enable and foster a trust relationship that can only be good for all concerned

The locum must be registered just a normal preferred health practitioner would be. When registered the locum would show up as being available for appointments

Fee Schedule is updated on a annual basis on the 1st of April and is indexed to CPI.

Any treatment plan generated would have a timeline, if the timeline extends beyond the 1st of April, you will have the choice to continue with the same fee schedule or apply the new fees when it changes. Rise in the fees for treatment must be accepted by the member via the informed financial consent.

Governing boards and bodies set good practice guidelines that set an acceptable standard of care. This also sets the maximum number of times an item number can be used. XHP will track over usage and may seek clarification on behalf of our members. Whilst not wanting to limit the clinical independence of the health practitioner, we also want to ensure that our members are protected against misuse of item numbers.  

Informed Financial Consent is where the member accepting the treatment plan offered is fully aware of costs of care. It is a binding agreement and a commitment of funds by the member to pay for health services.

In the very rare event that this may happen. You are protected. When a member accepts an Informed Financial Consent, that money is set in a lien to pay for the health service. If a dispute is registered by you, the member has to resolve the dispute in good faith with you and settle the dispute within a 45 day period. If a settlement is not arrived then the dispute may be escalated to an external dispute mediator who will mediate on the dispute. Fees and charge apply and are apportioned to both parties

The Fee Schedule sets the maximum fee that a preferred health provider can charge a member. As a preferred health business unit, you can choose to discount from the fee schedule to increase members using your service over another health business that does not. Competition between health providers is encouraged.

Service fee is payable only after you have delivered the service and the member has authorised payment for the service. 

Recipient created tax invoice is created by the purchaser of a service or product. 

Advertising on the platform to our members is free, It must however meet advertising guidelines set by AHPRA and must have all terms and conditions of the offer clearly stated. If an advertisement does not meet the required standards it will not be allowed on the platform. There is no fee to place an advertisement and every advertisement will be removed after the term of the advertisement. The maximum duration of an advertisement is 30 days, if your advertisement is performing well, you can renew the advertisement for a further 30 days. The maximum duration of an advertisement is 60 days. Each time the advertisement is clicked by a member you will charged a fee based on the keywords that have been used in the advertisement.

Any activity is on your advertisement is counted to a click. To prevent the advertisement being over clicked, a maximum of 3 clicks per minute is calculated from the same device and IP address

Algorithms used in the fee calculation changes on regular basis and is based on multiple factors such as keyword popularity, frequency of use and other metrics.

When you change the location of your practise you will have to update your details on the platform such as provider number, address and contact details. This you can do from our account profile

When you sell your business, the new owner can choose to continue, but will have register the change in business ownership. If the partnership structure of your business changes you must update the change. 

If you close your business your access to the portal will also be terminated.

No you can be the preferred provider of other schemes or insurance companies. XHP can be used in conjunction with or instead of such arrangements. That is up to the health business unit. However it must continue to meet all terms and conditions of XHP

If a GST is applicable on a service item, it will be itemised and included in the service fee.

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