Pay as low as $0* in GAP Payments with XHP

Your affordable alternative to extras health insurance.

*depends on your account balance





Benefit at any stage of your life

Choose a life stage and we will show you how XHP caters to your health needs every step of the way.

  • Single
    Cover Perfect for You
  • Couple
    Cover Perfect for You
  • Family
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  • Self-funded Retired
    Cover Perfect for You

Single Cover

Never let your hard earned money go to waste on unused insurance benefits.

Unused funds added to savings account

Grow your personal fund for added health services

Quality health services without hefty GAP payment.

Couple Cover

Save for your future health needs without worrying about the costs.

Don’t worry about future health problems

Grow savings by earning interest on payments

Save for your future family needs and use whenever needed

Family Cover

Keep your family safe and healthy for many years to come.

A plan that works for you and your children

Earn interest as loyalty rewards

Raise a healthy family without busting your savings

Self-funded Retired Cover

Spend your old days in peace without worrying about ever increasing health costs

No need to worry about growing health costs

Funds used anytime for hospital, diagnostic and even medication

It is not health insurance, It is a health plan for extras only cover

Why choose XHP affordable extras cover?

At XHP, our mission is to enable good health and savings. With XHP, you will never waste your unused funds again.

Save unused funds every year

Never let your hard earned money go to waste. Access your funds anytime for your health needs.

Capped rates with health providers

No more bill-shocks! We have fee schedules signed with health providers to maintain your health rates.

Earn interest on your funds

We not only protect your savings but also help you grow them. With XHP, you can grow your savings even more.

100% control of your funds

No need to buy separate cover for each member of your family. With XHP, use funds for whoever needs it the most.

Affordable membership

At $152 per month, you get the most affordable membership option that guarantees the safety of your future.

High security for your funds

Your funds are controlled by a “Custodian” who keeps your money safe.

Compare XHP with other Extras Cover Providers


Rollover & Save Unused Funds

Gift health to anyone in need

Earn Interest on the funds contributed

Withdraw funds (cover pet needs)

Refunds on Cancellation

Cover hospital GAP and related payments

Suspend with full access to funds.

Lifetime limits, caps and annual limits


Extras Health Insurance

Do you know how much extras cost you every year?

Hidden GAP payments can catch you off guard and working out the actual cost of your extras can be very difficult.



We provide the most affordable membership options for you.

Now get started in minutes and manage all your health needs in a centralized platform, built just for you.

*From your contributions, deductions are made from 1% contribution fee and 0.5% mangement fee on the monthly account balance.

Save More With XHP.

Choose a plan and get onboard in minutes. Then get $20 credits for your next payment.

Membership Cost

With XHP, your unused money accumulates each year and can potentially eliminate GAP payments.

Choose to pay more towards your membership depending on your needs

Book appointments, pay for your visits and check transactions on our XHP platform.

Contributions* start from


Platform Cost


Check what our happy members have to say

We care about our members and promise health & savings.

Client Photo
B Abraham Mum and Home Maker

I have been a member of XHP health savings scheme for a little while and have more to show for than nearly the 15 years, I had private health extras cover. Having the funds accumulate has mean that for my family, we have more available when we have the need, so no need to max out credit cards if we had a big spend.

Client Photo
R Whitfield Self funded Retired

Retirement means that we now have more time on our hands to do what we want and when we want. The key to being a self-funded retiree is to manage available funds. With XHP, our unused funds rollover every year and we are already seeing the benefits of funds accumulating. We do not lose with XHP.

Client Photo
N Bate Working and Saving

Saving money for a future use is not my strong suit like my fishing. With XHP, I am able to save money in a dedicated account just like my super. So I know that there will be money available for our needs.


We are here to answer your questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for, CONTACT US.

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  • Partner FAQs
  • Sign Up Process

A health plan is not health insurance. 

By nature, it is a plan that you create for your health needs over time. Having small amounts set aside over time helps you create a nest egg when you need the money for your health needs.

XHP offers a way for you to set aside funds you may need in future to pay for your extras health needs. Extras Health is not covered by Medicare. Dental, Optical, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and other allied health services come under this category. Very few items of these service may be covered under Medicare. Bulk of the services has to be paid for by individuals themselves. Some people choose to purchase extras health insurance, but find that there is a lot of limitations with insurance and are often out of pocket. The health plan offered by XHP is not insurance and is a dedicated health saving account, similar to Super for your retirement. Funds in the health savings account can only be used for health and any claims for payment must be supported by a health invoice generated by a health provider in Australia who is appropriately registered to practice in Australia.

Significant differences of a health plan to Traditional health insurance are

  1. It is savings based and is not under written by an insurance company
  2. Any unused funds in the account accumulates year on year for your benefit
  3. Interest is paid for the funds in the account

Xtras Health Plan Ltd (ACN 618 020 885) is an unlisted public company registered in Australia. 

Xtras Health Plan is a managed investment scheme registered with ASIC.

Managed Investment Scheme is defined in Section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001. Management investment schemes are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Our AFSL number is 500574 and Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme is registered with ASIC and the Scheme number is 627 076 411. Our AFSL allows XHP to offer General Advice only, invest in cash and non cash products or own Managed Investment Scheme and to hold the scheme assets in Cash.

Portability is only between health insurance funds. Xtras health Plan is not an insurance company and hence you are not able to port from a health insurance company to XHP. 

If you are seeking value for the investment you make for your extras health cover, check out the comparison calculator at


A custodian is a company that has physical possession of your assets. The money that you pay for your membership  is held by the custodian separate from that of Xtras Health Plan for your account security and convenience to pay for your health needs. The custodian charges a fee for service. 

Certane Corporate Trustee is the custodian appointed by Xtras Health Plan Ltd as the responsible entity to hold your funds. 

custodian bank, or simply custodian, is a specialized financial institution responsible for safeguarding a firm’s or individual’s financial assets and is not engaged in “traditional” commercial or consumer/retail banking .The role of a custodian is to:

  • hold in safekeeping your investment
  • arrange settlement of health invoice and other invoices that you authorise that XHP has validated and submitted to the custodian to effect payment.
  • collect information on and income of the investments such as interests generated on the funds held and report to authorities as required
  • administer the accounts
  • Conduct due diligence on instructions issued by XHP, fund reporting if necessary, maintain compliance of the funds and provide taxation support.

A “managed investment scheme” can be defined as a scheme where people contribute money or money’s worth to acquire rights to benefits produced by the scheme. Any contributions made are pooled or used in a common enterprise to produce financial benefits for the members of the scheme but the members do not have control over the day-to-day operation of the scheme. 

a managed investment scheme, each of the following elements must exist:

  1. it must be a “scheme”
  2. it must involve a contribution of money or money’s worth to acquire rights to benefits
  3. the contributions are to be pooled or used in a common enterprise to produce benefits for the scheme members and
  4. the members do not have day-to-day control over the scheme operations.

Preferred partner is a registered health business unit, that offers a health service to members of public and is based in Australia. The following criteria must be met to be considered a Preferred Partner of Xtras Health Plan Ltd

  • Registered and has a ABN
  • Located in Australia
  • Bank accounts for financial transactions is with an Australian Bank

Preferred Provider is a health practitioner registered with XHP holding  AHPRA registration to provide a designated health service that the practitioner is registered and licensed to practice in Australia. 

To be accepted as a preferred partner you must be registered with AHPRA, to provide the health service. 

Members can only use the funds in their account to pay for health services with health business units located in Australia. Xtras Health Plan conducts various level checks before an invoice of a member is paid. ABN check is one of them. So if you do not have an ABN, the invoice will not be processed.

Each location must be registered as a Preferred Partner and must have its own address that can be verified and have its own ABN. Communication address may be common.

Step 1: 

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Step 3: 

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