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$20 credited after cooling off period.


What your funds can be used for?


1. Dental: Minor and Major dental including orthodontics root canals, crowns, bridges up to your account balance
2. Optical: Glasses, contact lens, prescription sunglasses.
3. Physiotherapy: Post-operative or sporting injuries as well as movement improvement
4. Remedial Massage: Sporting or non-sporting injuries
5. Chiropractic: Manipulations and adjustments
6. Podiatry: Treatment of feet and fitting of soles or inserts to aid foot function
7. Psychology: Mental and or physical health issues.
8. Pharmaceuticals: regular and non pbs medications as needed
9. Lifestyle: Cessation of smoking, gym, health and fitness including weight loss
10. Occupational therapy: Restoration of function for people with physical injuries or illness
11. Speech therapy: Overcome speech disabilities or impediments.
12. Hearing aids: Purchase or repair of hearing aids.  

13. Dietetics: Diet, nutrition, weight loss and disease management.
14. Health aids and appliances: such as C-pap machine, blood pressure, crutches and glucose monitors for diabetes management.
15. Ambulance: Covers emergency transport, has to be taken out separately in NSW, VIC, ACT, WA, SA and NT. In Tasmania and Queensland – ambulance is covered by State Governments in Queensland and Tasmania

Health service must have been provided by health practitioners registered in Australia and service must be provided by a health business registered with a valid ABN.


If you happen to have a hospital gap after you have used the rebates from Medicare Australia and your health fund, you are welcome to use the funds in the account to cover hospital gap payments that may be needed.
The fund in your account can also be used to fund GP visit gaps, cover costs associated with diagnostics and tests that you may need from time to time as well.


Your best friend is not forgotten either. You can use up to 25% of your account balance per year to cover your pet should such a need arise.
If you prefer a change of scene to help your recover and recoup, again up to 25% of your funds can be used to go on a holiday.


You can gift health to anyone you care about.
They don’t have to be member of XHP either, you simply send the gift as a digital token that they can redeem at a preferred health provider.


From the funds that you have accumulated you can also pay your annual platform fee.

Why choose XHP as your preferred extras health cover provider

What does it cost?

From just $5 per day.

Member contributions start from just $5/day.
With XHP, the difference is your unused money accumulates every year, so rather than lose your money, you are saving it with XHP. Over time this adds up and could minimise or even eliminate gap payments.

You can of course choose to pay more towards your membership depending on your needs or that of your family.

Platform costs $199 per year or .55c per day

XHP Platform is how you provide instructions,  book appointments, pay for your visits and even check your transactions.

Only instructions provided via the platform are acted upon. The cost of the platform is $199 per year for a family. 

Simply the best - extras only health cover

Compare XHP with traditional extras cover

Find out how much you save over time with XHP.

Assumptions in this calculator:

  1. No annual increase in contributions.
  2. If using GAP value, it is set at 46.8%
  3. If using Annual limit default, it is at $1200/annum

Annual limits, waiting periods and individual fund rules have not been considered.
XHP scheme management fee is 0.5%, Interest paid is 0 % and the platform fee is $199/annum


Amount paid by Extras Insurance:


How many years do you wish to see:

Find out how much you save over time with XHP.


So Lets Compare

You have had extras health insurance cover for . The amount you pay in contribution towards your extras health insurance cover each year is $ and on an average spent $ on extras health needs. The charts below compares XHP savings Scheme with Extras Health Insurance


XHP - Average Spend /year


PHI - Average Spend /year

Assumptions used in the calculation for XHP are contribution fee is 1%, management fee is 0.5% charged monthly, no interest is paid, no health fund bonus is calculated. This report is based on the information you provided and is general in nature. It is not professional or financial advice and is only intened to inform you. Please seek professional advise as is relevant to your circumstance.

Extras health needs will vary over time, in this comparison the expense is calculated as an average spend per year. Though, this would be up and down depending on your health needs, e.g. your child needs orthodontic braces. As unused funds accumulate with XHP, you may be able to cover a significant part of the treatment cost compared to extras health insurance where the amount paid out is limited irrespective of the duration of cover has been held for.

However, individual circumstances and needs vary. Whilst XHP is an alternative and a way of retaining investments you make in your health it may not be suitable for everyone. You are encouraged to make an informed choice. Our aim at XHP is to enable health and save money.


YearContributionSpendGAP Real Cost Net Position


YearContributionSpendGAP Real Cost Net Position
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Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme (Xtras) is not an insurance policy and you should consider your personal circumstances before deciding whether to open an account. Funds deposited to an account will not be eligible for a private health insurance rebate. Xtras may be considered as a replacement for or to act supplementary to private health insurance depending on your personal circumstances. Xtras Health Plan Ltd does not warrant that Xtras is suitable for your personal circumstances and you should consider your health and financial needs before deciding whether to open an account. There is a risk that you may have insufficient funds in your account to meet the costs of health treatment depending on the treatment required and amount deposited to your account.